Sims Next Top Model Edit

Sims Next Top Model, often abbreviated SNTM, is a reality TV show in which a number of aspiring models compete to win prizes such as a cover and spread in various famous fashion magazines, cash prizes, and much more

Show Format Edit

Each season of SNTM is consist of 5-7 episodes and whole casting includes unknown number of starter models. Every week contestants take part of different challenges and campaighs in which best one contestant could get good prize like money,coupons for shopping,extra frames or immunity for current week. Every panel, the girls are evaluated and are called out one-by-one based on how the judges rank their overall performance that week. Each episode has pretty easy system,exactly one or more girl(s) can be eliminated in the result of her(their) perfomance per week. But sometimes the panel may featured non-elimination bottom. The contestants get makeovers usually in the first or second episode. In every cycle the top 5 or 6 goes to international destination where they compete and take part of the finale runway and panel, except S3NTM:NEW ERA, that is little a bit different from previous three cycles

Judges Edit

Judge Cycles
1 2 3 NEW ERA
2014/2015 2015 2015/2017 2018
Raschel Franko Main
Sin Il-Hong Guest Main
Deirdre Morton Main Main
Ariadne Faraday Contestant Main
Misha Romanova Main
Sam Miller Main
Peter Cain Main
Linda Worley Main
Lucy Lee Main
Ollie Norwood Main
Anna-Maria Francisco Main

Series overview Edit

Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-up(s) Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International Destination(s)
1 March 10, 2014 Iris Spanidis Ariadne Faraday

Arya Stark

Eva Green, Rain Jensen (quit), Adrianna de Lovez, Averill Ritter (quit), Clare Adamson, Tia Bruno, Natali Liverman (quit), Daniela Laurente, Zahra Mumbai - Nua 12 Sao Paulo
2 May 10, 2015 Blue - Rose Petally Tequila Thompson

Alayna Meyr

Wendy Morris, Lucy Wyndham, Eliana Blunt, Pocahontas Arroyo Yao, Akemi Pointe, Yolanda Temple, Casper Biancaford, Alexis Sowers 11 None
3 August 4, 2015 Arooba Steele Eva Griffin Mackenzie Aspen, Eshe Tininho, Medina Sharek, Esther Silvera, Naomi Goode, Veykisha Way (quit), Kelsey Walldrup, Sam McAllister, Birgitte Jokumsen, Anika Dakota 12 Paris
NEW ERA TBA TBA TBA Still in: Ajsa Hnizdo, Erin Wright, Ivy Watson, Kylee Defitry, Lakota Dent, Lara Kroney, Pennsylvanya Horton 7 TBA
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